Thursday, October 24, 2013

Faux Walls

After the footings had cured, The Money Pit was ready to get some walls poured.  To do this the mason carried over a bunch of metal wall forms to mold the cement with. 

It was pretty amazing to me.  They put some sort of oil or something on the forms so the cement doesn't stick.  They have little metal holders in the form to hold the rebar. 

The low spot in the walls below are where doors or windows will go.

The forms still make the house look tiny.  I feel like only a motorcycle will fit in the mini garage.

We even got a tornado shelter which will be below the front entry.  It is the part that juts out toward the bottom of the above picture on the left side of the above picture.  This is pretty much my dream come true.  Well, a tornado shelter and a house on the lake that is.  I am embarrassingly lucky.  I hate fall.

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