Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween from Darth Vader.

My sister and I dressed ran in the local Boo Dash 5k fun run last Saturday as Princess Leia and Darth Vader.  

My sister wore an amazing Leia wig and a white robe we cut off at the knee for ease of running.  The costume came with an amazing set of foam boot shoe covers.  My costume consisted of a half Darth Vader mask, light saber (that didn't even light up, what the hey?), a morphsuit, a child sized Batman cape, and homemade duct tape belt and boot shoe covers.

Due to a having a cold and it's limiting of my peripheral vision, I had to take the mask off for most of the run, and mostly wore it during photo opportunities.

This was my first ever trail run, and I'm pretty sure if I had weaker angles I would have broken both of them on the uneven terrain.

My sister and I stopped to get some wine on the way home, and an old man legitimately told my sister he liked her hair-do while were were in the store.

My sissy's husband brought her kids to come watch in costume.  They wore a couple of the older son's old costumes.

Titus also brought Jacque with to proudly watch his mother run.  Jacque feared me when wearing my mask mostly because the mask had a button that spoke Darth Vader phrases (which I would have gladly traded for a light saber that actually lights up any day of the week).

I told my sister that we totally had the best costumes there, which was proven true the next day when we were the top story on the front page of the SUNDAY (ya that's right) paper.

It was amazingly fun and I can't wait until next year's run!

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