Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Liquid Silver

For a while we didn't know if we were actually going to get to this point this year...  but it happened.  The floors are poured and it's a mid October miracle.

Our super busy mason hired some help from the most precious retired mason to get it done, and boy do we appreciate it.  Apparently pouring basements is in high demand up in these here parts.

While they were pouring, our contractor was putting up the garage walls!

So many pine trees.

The excavator filled in the gaps around the house now that the walls have cured.

The garage floor didn't actually get poured because the mason had several other basements to do, and apparently they don't need the garage floor done as early.  I guess I would rather park on dirt than live on dirt.

I miss the leaves, but I guess it makes the lake easier to see.  Yay for progress.  The mason was by far the hardest to come by, so since they have done their duties things are moving along a lot faster.  Our contractor says he may have the exterior walls all up in the next three weeks.  That would be neat.

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