Monday, October 28, 2013

Mystery in the Bathroom

Update:  I would like to make it clear that we will have a shower/tub combo in the second bathroom upstairs, so regardless of what goes on in the master, we will for sure have a tub on our main floor!

I've got myself a predicament.   I can't decide what is the more appropriate choice for the master bathroom.  In our final house plans we had decided to go with a shower/tub combo thinking we would have a deeper than standard soaking type tub with the shower inside.

In our old house we had a separate soaking tub and shower in the bathroom.  The soaking tub was nice, but I only used it about 5 times in 4 years.  Most of the time it just collected dust.  I've considered not having the tub and just having a shower in our master because of this.  However, my lovely mother tells me that if I ever have kids I will need to have my very own bath tub.  Also, sometime in the future we would hope to also add an outdoor hot tub which would mean I would probably never use the master bath tub again.  However, this wouldn't be for at least a few years.

I have gathered a few (realistic) examples of inspiration for both shower/bath combos, and walk-in showers...

A bathtub/shower combinations:




Walk-in shower options:



Now I need to know what you all think (all one million of you readers).  With the layout we have going for us, would you go with a shower tub/combo, or would you forgo the tub and just make a walk-in shower?

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