Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Money Pit's Pit

I'm a little behind on updating you millions of readers on our progress.

We had some drama getting started including, a City Council meeting, moving the build site 10 feet off an easement to get things moving, and excavating a second time due to the moving.  We now have an unfortunate amount of knowledge about easements, set-backs, and city council meetings. 

Regardless of our drama building is progressing.  And here we officially have a money pit...

A view from the south side yard

At the top of this picture is the chunk of land that has the easement.

The right side of the picture is where the basement will be.  Titus is standing in the garage.

A view from the lake side of the hole.  Titus is standing at the level the garage floor and upstairs will be at.

The future basement bedroom view, minus some sand humps.

View from the lake.  The right side is the easement.

Few words make for lovely blog posts.  I miss leaves.

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