Tuesday, October 29, 2013


After the walls had been poured and allowed to cure for a day or so, they took the forms off.  They have to wait around three days before filling the dirt back in around the outer walls so they don't tip over, but they did fill in the dirt around the footings, since there is dirt on both sides.

Our contractor painted some sort of special gray paint on the outside where the dirt will be up against the wall for water or something.  I must do something wrong with the focus on our camera because it only focuses on one area and the rest of the picture is super blurry... so sorry about that.

The view from the downstairs bedrooms... except with less dirt mounds and more slope to the lake.  And more walls and windows.

Here is my cement tornado shelter hidden safely in the back of the house.

The view from the road doesn't look too exciting, since it is still just a basement.  You can see that the house will look pretty much like a one story house from the road.  I love that the main level is basically level with the road, so we don't have a giant hill to go up or down to get into the garage like many homes along the lake.

Next up the plumbers add the tubing for the in-floor heat downstairs.

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