Monday, November 25, 2013

Deck the Pit

Our house got a deck frame.

We are actually not planning on putting the deck up until next year.  Titus will be doing the decking and the railing to save money.  Plus he is a deck laying expert.

The guys had planned on putting up the screen porch section since they will need to put trusses on that portion.  Putting up the rest of the frame seemed the most logical.

There will be a stairwell on the left side running down toward the house so the deck will actually be about a stair width wider overall.

The second bedroom and bathroom walls have also been put up.  I swear the second bedroom feels bigger than the master.

This is the view from the stairs toward the great room side of the house.  The great room is on the far left, then there is a small hallway that leads to a full bath and the second bedroom.  The entryway is the hole on the far right.  The two interior doorways next to the entryway are two closets.

We will have to make sure to put up a deck railing that doesn't obstruct the view too much.

No shave November.

This is the view from the french door opening in the dining room.  It will be nice to not have to stare into any of our neighbors' windows.

Little Judy is so precious.

Next up we get an actual roof!

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