Friday, November 15, 2013

Everyday I'm Shoveling

We've got some upstairs walls!

When standing near the garage, this is the layout of the house:

And from the living room:

The windows on the left below are the great room, then the dining room doors to the screen porch, then kitchen sink windows, and finally the giant master windows.  The master windows and the great room windows are the same size and layout.

The small square windows on the left side of the house near the roof are windows that will be on either side of the fireplace.

The view from the driveway.   There will be more excavating done on this side of the house later to smooth out the small hill to the neighbors house.  They left it flatter for now so they can drive their stuff down to the walkout basement.

Then one day we got snow.

We shoveled off the first floor while our contractors were deer hunting.  Hopefully it's the last time we have to shovel the inside of our house.

I've realized that I never showed you a picture from the road.  We have a crazy amount of pine trees.  There were many cut down to build the house, and apparently there were a lot lost last year in the giant windstorm.  We are pretty lucky that our house is at the same level as the road so we won't have to go up or down a huge icy driveway all winter long like at many lake homes.

Now for a look inside...

From the far corner of the garage you can see the door we have the the backyard!  Sounds boring, but we didn't have a door in our last garage so I'm pretty excited.

The view from the great room window.  This room will have a small vault so we debated whether we should add a small triangular or semi circle window above, but ultimately chose to stay with the window shown since the larger window would only be showing more sky and trees.

Below is all our lakeside windows.  From left to right are the master, the kitchen, the dining room, and the great room.  The kitchen, dining room, and great room will all be open to each other, as you probably remember.  We will have no shortage of windows and it will be glorious.

This is basically the view you will see when you walk in the front door.

The master bedroom feels a bit tiny... I had to get out my tape measure to see if our king bed would fit.  It's a close call.  The room will only be about 12' 6" square.

Apparently all the birds in town gather in front of our house before flying south.

We have had a duck family living near the woods on the easement all summer.  I am always making sure Jacque doesn't go attack them.

A view of the house from the lake.

And who can forget about the beautiful pile of dirt and grass covered brush...

The trusses were delivered a couple days ago and will hopefully be put up next week.  Oh and the snow has mostly melted, which is bitter sweet.  On years where we have a roof, I do truly love the snow.

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