Friday, November 8, 2013

Flooral Pit

The basement walls are all up.  Well, only the load baring walls since the basement will be unfinished...

But that also means they were ready to put up the floor!

We had originally planned on going with trusses which are like the roof trusses in that they are triangles of wood put together with holes in them.  The value of those is that they are stronger (I think), as well as also the ability to run the HVAC can run through the trusses instead of below resulting in bulkheads.

However, the trusses were on a six week backorder.  Since we are already way behind where we wanted to be due to the easement drama, we decided to go with the I-beams.  Bonus:  I-beams are cheaper.

They are solid throughout which means we will have some bulkheads for HVAC downstairs.  I wasn't terribly picky about this especially considering we have 9 foot ceilings down there, meaning the bulkheads would still be at 8 feet.

The above picture is taken on the lake side corner of one of the bedrooms.

It is interesting to see actual walls go up.  We get a much better feel of how big the bedrooms will be.

Our potential, unconceived children will be spoiled by this ridiculous view.

The picture above is from the future downstairs bathroom.  On the left is the storage room/furnace room.  To the right of that is the stairs.  The stairs go down into the family room, which leads into a hallway to the bedrooms directly to the right.  You can get a better feel for that looking at our house plans.

The family room has a slightly less awesome view than the bedrooms.  The left side of this picture is where the hill is much higher.  We will probably have to have a small retaining wall outside of the family room corner.

Next week I should have some pictures of the upstairs walls which have been started!

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