Friday, November 15, 2013

House Walking

Our house has floors!  

This was the most exciting step thus far for me because we actually get to walk on the first floor and see what are views from each room will look like!

From the master bedroom to the garage...

The Stairs are just a big dangerous hole for now.

The front step is a going to be a nice size.  The tornado shelter is what is under the front step.  More dirt will be pushed back around the edges of the cement still to the level that the garage floor is currently at.

The view from about where the kitchen windows will be

The view from the bedroom.  You won't see as much lake from the bedroom, especially in the summer when there are actually leaves.  Don't worry, that's only like three months of the year anyway.

The great room view will be pretty much the best ever...

Our house faces pretty much straight East so we will get sunrises.  I think I will like that better than sunsets because our house won't boil every summer evening from the flaming hot sun.  Also we won't go blind from it burning our eyes out.  Next up: walls...

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