Tuesday, November 5, 2013


After the basement was poured, the builders started putting up the downstairs exterior walls.

The corner I'm standing near above is the future bathroom.  To the right of me are the two future bedrooms, and in the far corner is the future family room.

The two bedrooms will each have two double hung windows next to each other which will allow for this amazing view of the lake:

Titus has already claimed one of those windows as his future office.  I can't complain since I watch the sunrise over the lake in my office every morning.

The guys had also started sheeting the garage while they were waiting for the basement to be poured.

The garage will also have two double hung windows next to each other on the street side to add some character to the outside of the house.  Also because I love windows.

I'll update you all on the floor joists next!  We have actually walked on our upstairs floor now!

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