Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa's Workshop

Up here at The North Pole, the highs have been below zero for days.  This results in literally no work being done since last Tuesday.  Apparently cold temperatures break tools... and coincidentally my spirit.

Since the house is at a stand still, this is a perfect time to update you on some random building choices we have had to make over the weeks.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we went in to order all of our windows.  I for sure wanted something super energy efficient since it is clearly ridiculously cold in these parts.  We first considered going with a Jeld Wen window since they have apparently stepped up their window making game over the past few years, but at the last minute I got scared and we switched to Marvin Integrity windows.  Marvin is from Minnesota, so that's cool and local and all that trendy stuff.  Also, their Integrity windows are super efficient, more slim and modern looking, and are fiberglass which is better than vinyl.

We ordered most of the windows with a white painted interior.  However I had my heart set on a dark interior similar to that picture above for the great room windows (which includes the living room, dining room french doors, and kitchen windows), so we ordered those in bare wood so they can either be stained dark (which is unlikely because pine doesn't like to be dark) or painted dark.  

To be able to paint/stain the grills we had to order the more expensive windows with the simulated divided light grills -- the grills are outside of the glass.  I actually prefer this look because it looks more genuine, but they are significantly more expensive than the grills between the glass version, so we ordered all the others with grills between the glass. 

For the exterior window color we chose the Ebony which is fancy for black.  We will still be doing a thick white trim around and between the windows to prevent them from looking like a gloomy dark pit. 

The windows will be very similar to this house including the style of window grills where the grid is only in the top of the double hungs.  Clearly our house will be equally as impressive as this one, thus the inspiration is totally justifiable. 

We love the entire combination of colors above, as well.  However, we won't be going with the super high maintenance stained cedar shakes as they did.  Instead we are going with LP SmartSide lap siding with their cedar shake lookalikes on the gables (only took three google searches to find that word).  After looking through the prefinish options and doing a bunch of paint samples, we have tentatively decided on the color Benjamin Moore Blue Note for the siding.

It is a medium dark blue with a gray undertone.  We will go with a door similar in color to the one above, and wood like garage doors like the first exterior picture we loved.  I wish we could do the cedar soffit, but we've only got so much money here people, so white soffit it is.  Also we chose black shingles out of the very limited options we had.  I'm scared black shingles will turn the money pit into a dark pit, but hopefully not.

Moving on...

Remember that one time I had a bathroom survey on tub/shower vs. walk-in shower?  Me too.  Here are the results:

Huge turnout at the polls this year.

Thanks to all of you who voted.  Unfortunately it didn't help at all since it was basically tied.  Nice try though.  Also, I'm so glad someone over 100 has made it to the blog.  Welcome.

It turns out both Titus and I voted shower, so we will be going with that.  For all you tubbers, there will be one in the other bathroom upstairs so fret not.  Here are some inspirations I have been liking...

I love the large tiles Little House Blog used here.  Apparently they are an affordable, ceramic marble pretender tile.  They are nice and large so less grout lines to clean than subway tile which is what I am currently leaning toward.

I love this bathroom even if it doesn't even show a shower which is what we are currently talking about.  The floors are great.  I'm considering little tiles like this or a basket weave for the floors.  Maybe they are miserable to clean though?  Or maybe they hide black lab fur... or pilgrim hair?

Exiting the bathroom....

Sometime we will have to pick interior doors.  I have basically narrowed it down to two options in our price range:  

The Masonite Berkley door is a nice contemporary door which is a molded hallow core door.  Probably the least expensive option on our list.

I probably like the mdf 5 panel door the best.  It has more of a vintage feel.  However, it may very well be out of our price range.  We could always consider the 2 panel or the 1 panel shakery doors as well which would probably be less expensive than the 5 panel.

We'll see how the price quotes go.

I think that is enough random house thought for the night.  Next week is supposed to get up into the 20s (Spring!) so hopefully we will get a roof.  Then who knows, maybe even windows.  Luxury.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh Cute, It Snowed!

After the trusses were up it was time to get a roof!  Yay!  That meant no more shoveling out the first floor.  Our awesome contractors got the whole back side of the house done with all its crazy angles and were ready to move onto the front.

By then, Thanksgiving was upon us and four days of family followed.  The roof would have to wait.

Then, out of the mysterious sky fell a beautiful white snow.  For three days. (Note:  these pictures do not portray the three day snow due to torrential road conditions preventing house visits and accompanying pictures)

So thus, our beautiful home sits under a beautiful coat of the most beautiful snow.  If only I could appreciate this beauty.

Luckily the half of the house that was sheeted was also shingled by some roofing man.  Yep, Titus was convinced not to shingle the roof, which ends up being a pretty great plan since a blizzard makes roofing super fun.

But, today the sun shines over The Money Pit once again, and our awesome contractors shall return for a shoveling shift, followed by a roofing shift. 

Hopefully our shinglers can return soon after the contractors get the other half of the house sheeted.

It's unfortunate I love the snow so much.

Trussel Sprout

Long time, no see.  Those of you who just survived the three day blizzard will notice these pics aren't recent.  However, due to said blizzard, they are still fairly up to date.

They put the trusses up you guys.

Word on the street is a big machine lifted them onto the house and the awesome contractors attached them.  I didn't witness this.

It's pretty cool seeing the whole shape of the house.  There is a fun little overhangy guy over the front step/tornado shelter.

We even got cute mini trusses over the screen porch.

The trusses make the house look sort of huge which is deceiving because it isn't huge.

It's crazy to see the inside with a sort of ceiling.  Now we know how big the loft in the great room will be.

It isn't a full loft due to the outside roof line preventing one, but with the 9' ceilings it looks pretty tall!

I remember sunshine...

I think we will love our screen porch, even if everyone and their brother's mother tells us otherwise.  Haters.

Next up, sheeting the roof and shingling.  Which is the longest process to date.  Thanks snowstorms!