Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh Cute, It Snowed!

After the trusses were up it was time to get a roof!  Yay!  That meant no more shoveling out the first floor.  Our awesome contractors got the whole back side of the house done with all its crazy angles and were ready to move onto the front.

By then, Thanksgiving was upon us and four days of family followed.  The roof would have to wait.

Then, out of the mysterious sky fell a beautiful white snow.  For three days. (Note:  these pictures do not portray the three day snow due to torrential road conditions preventing house visits and accompanying pictures)

So thus, our beautiful home sits under a beautiful coat of the most beautiful snow.  If only I could appreciate this beauty.

Luckily the half of the house that was sheeted was also shingled by some roofing man.  Yep, Titus was convinced not to shingle the roof, which ends up being a pretty great plan since a blizzard makes roofing super fun.

But, today the sun shines over The Money Pit once again, and our awesome contractors shall return for a shoveling shift, followed by a roofing shift. 

Hopefully our shinglers can return soon after the contractors get the other half of the house sheeted.

It's unfortunate I love the snow so much.

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