Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trussel Sprout

Long time, no see.  Those of you who just survived the three day blizzard will notice these pics aren't recent.  However, due to said blizzard, they are still fairly up to date.

They put the trusses up you guys.

Word on the street is a big machine lifted them onto the house and the awesome contractors attached them.  I didn't witness this.

It's pretty cool seeing the whole shape of the house.  There is a fun little overhangy guy over the front step/tornado shelter.

We even got cute mini trusses over the screen porch.

The trusses make the house look sort of huge which is deceiving because it isn't huge.

It's crazy to see the inside with a sort of ceiling.  Now we know how big the loft in the great room will be.

It isn't a full loft due to the outside roof line preventing one, but with the 9' ceilings it looks pretty tall!

I remember sunshine...

I think we will love our screen porch, even if everyone and their brother's mother tells us otherwise.  Haters.

Next up, sheeting the roof and shingling.  Which is the longest process to date.  Thanks snowstorms!

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