Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't worry you haven't missed anything

Hey guys!  Remember that time we started building a house?  Those were such fun times.  You may remember our roofing began the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Then there was a blizzard.


Then the house's roof finally got the decking finished (who needs a covered garage anyway).  But of course it continued to snow.

It snowed on the house, in the house, around the house...

Then I took some blurry pictures for you.  You are SO welcome, you guys!

But then, one day after Christmas, the snow stopped and the temperature rose above zero!

The guys were able to start roofing without fear of shattering the shingles with every nail.

Our contractors are cold weather champions in their little Carhart bibs.

The house shingles were finished a week or so before the garage was finally able to get finished off.  Titus and I both had our houses reroofed when we lived in the cities.  There, the roofers came after we left for work one day and were gone before we returned home.  So the one month roofing was a little longer than we had anticipated.

Our black shingles seem to look decent and not too gloomy in the sun, so that is neat.

They have actually finished sheeting the whole house and have started Tyvek.  I would have taken pictures to show you, but I fear my camera may break in the cold.

It is supposed to get above zero today (!) so the plan is to have the windows delivered.  They will be stored under a sheet of plastic which will have some heat under it I guess... or something super inefficient like that.  Then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are window days!  Apparently we might see the 30s (above zero (say what?!?)) this weekend.

I can't pretend the weather hasn't been a real debbie downer in this process, but we are just trying to stay positive.  Lets hope for continued warmth because the electricians are up next and they need temps around 40 degrees which will mean some industrial strength heaters in our uninsulated house.

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