Thursday, January 9, 2014

Goodbye House

This post is about to get really long.

Today is the day my parents sell my childhood home.  You may remember that Titus and I are currently living with my parents so this means that we have moved out to their new house.

As a final farewell to the only house I have ever felt was a true home, here is the tour.  (Be advised it was a little mid move so there is some random items throughout the house)

The house is a split level.  As we enter the foyer we will head upstairs into the living room.

When I was little the living room was covered with brown carpet.

That red chair is super old but it's my dad's favorite.  He loves to fall asleep in it.

The left of the above picture is what my mom calls her one-butt kitchen.

The window above the sink used to be an actual window until my parent built on to the house, which turned it into a passthrough.

The dining area is just off the kitchen and open to the living room.  Directly behind me while taking the above picture is the sun room.  This was an addition my parents added when I was in elementary school.  Before that, it was a huge hot deck.

I remember my parents staining the wall and ceiling and it smelled horrible.

Heading back through the family room you find a hallway near the top of the stairs.

Beyond my sister and my beautiful senior pictures is the bathroom to the left.

It has always been covered in this floral metallic wallpaper.  When my sister was in high school she got super mad and kicked a hole in one of the walls in here.

Across from the bathroom is my parent's room.  I remember when we were younger, my parents left us alone with my cousins, and my sister and my cousin Ang watched TV on my parents bed and ate lemons.

I always picture how my dad used to lie on the bed watching TV with his feet up on the dresser.

At the end of the hall is what remained of my childhood room.  My mom removed my amazing baseball posters and bunk bed.  Don't worry big guy still gets to sit on the bed.

I always loved my pink shag carpet.  And how I could always see the dogs in their kennel out my window.

Heading back downstairs...

Into the family room.  There weren't normally golf clubs and bags, but the move had started at this point.

My sister and I played TONS of Barbies right where I am standing in the above picture.  Like, a really large amount of Barbies.  My sister had the most amazing Barbie Dreamhouse.  My dad is really going to miss that fireplace.

Down the hall from the family room is the downstairs bathroom.  The shower in there was a little frightening.

Down a hall even farther is the lower level extension to the house below the sunroom.  It was previously a hot tub room, until my parents gave away the hot tub and turned it into my mom's sewing/plant growing room.  Look at that vintage briefcase!

Further down the hall is my sister's old room.  This was where we were living.  A big 12' x 12' mini apartment full of TVs.  She got the peach shag.

Just around the corner from my sister's room is the office, which was where Titus had worked since we moved in.  My dad really likes John Wayne.  This room also got the peach shag.

That concludes the tour of my very first home.  My parents moved into the house when my older sister was about 1, I believe.  It was built for them by the same contractors that are building our house.

We have so many memories in this house; it really is hard to leave.  Like the very first day I arrived home from the hospital.

And soon after got baptized...

All the great times with my sissy!

Playing outside.  And the huge piles of logs Uncle Bruce would bring as payment for Dad doing his taxes.

Back when the driveway was lined in flowers!

 We took a ton of pictures in front of that fireplace.  Sadly that brown shag carpet has been replaced.

Lady loved laying on the top of that couch up there.

Lady is our first family dog on the left.  She was the cutest beagle.  Then we got Libby who was the friendliest, most lovable dog I have ever known.  Love them!

I loved playing with that play kitchen down in the storage room!  That linoleum is still going strong!

We had tons of birthday parties...

And hung out with Mom and Dad...

Played some more outside... 

Celebrated many Christmases!

And now we are leaving it behind for a new family to start all new memories.  

As we say goodbye to our bedrooms...

And take our very last family picture in my very first home...

Goodbye house!

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