Monday, March 10, 2014

Chalk Walls

A couple days after we got our lame white spray foam insulation, the drywallers were able to come finish the entire upper level in one day.  That means the next time I walked into our house it looked like this...

The kitchen is above on the left followed by the screen porch doors and then then great room windows on the right (with bottoms covered by leaning drywall).

Dad's up there in the great room.  The fireplace will go between those two windows.

I love our three windows for above the sink.  

The stairs are right off the kitchen.  We debated between having a full wall and a door closing it off to the upstairs but decided on putting in a railing instead.  A small closet is to the right of the stairs, and the master to the right of that.

The plywood stuff is the for the front door that we haven't yet ordered.  The mudroom is to the right of that.  

Across from the mudroom are a couple closets.  Titus wired the house for ethernet and speakers which are all centered to the closet on the left.  Not sure what his final plans are there.

The second bedroom is impossible to photograph due to size.  Here's the tiny view from the hallway...

And the normal sized closet which will probably get some bifold doors.

Turning around you can see back down the hallway toward the stairs to the basement.

I have one tiny view of the second bathroom tub.  Mostly to show how they didn't drywall above the tub since tile is going up there.

Moving on to the master, you can see how the windows match those in the great room with two double hungs surrounding a picture window.  The square windows you see on the left are part of the three windows above the master bed.

Across from the lake windows is the door to the bathroom.  You can see the undrywalled shower wall through the door.

Through the bathroom is the closet which I took no pictures of because it is a drywall cube.  However from the closet you can see the below views.

On the right is where the vanity and thrown will go.  On the left you can see another view of the shower.  If you are observant you can see that our shower will have two shower heads.

The drywall has been finished for about a week and a half and taping and mudding has yet to start... Due to the cold the plumbers ended up hooking up our furnace to heat the house for taping.  We wanted to avoid this to prevent the brand new perfectly clean ducts from getting filled with dust, but our plumber and contractor thought this was superior over using an electric heater.  Hopefully they get started soon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Where the Money's At

After the windows were installed the plumbers and electricians came in to do their thing.  Then, we were ready for some spendy closed cell spray foam.  This is the moment we had all been waiting for.  All winter long our house was -20 degrees.  But now we had hope.  Hope for a warmer life.  And excitement at the chance to see our house completely purple.


But then, the spray foamers came and sprayed the lamest white foam everywhere.

What the crap?  We payed out the something for spray foam and I expect it to be purple.  The good news is, it should still block off the lake's abundance of spiders, which is more than that newspaper could say for The Poison House.

They also plasticed the ceiling and blew in the ceiling insulation.  We decided to do blown in insulation instead of spray foam on the ceiling because we aren't millionaires.

They did have to spray foam up the right side of the vault a bit due to the roof line not being insulation friendly and Minnesota being insulation needy.

It is crazy quiet in the pit now.  All kinds of sound absorption in this joint.

We also chose to add some insulation to interior walls for a bit of added soundproofing.

I totally wanted to get that recycled denim insulation but it's approximately 5 times the price of the itchy pink panther stuff so we went breast cancer awareness instead.

We insulated around the second bedroom for future potential babies to sleep in silence.

We had to have it all up before the sheetrockers came, so Titus ingeniously secured it between the studs with a line of crappy duct tape.  Never buy cheap duct tape, it's not worth it people.

We also insulated between our bedroom and the kitchen just for fun.

The white you see is foam insulation.  That is where the recessed fridge will go so the wall between the back of the recess and the bedroom is only a couple inches.  Titus was smart enough to think of getting foam as opposed to the nothing that I thought of doing.

Moving downstairs... The concrete part of the walls will be covered in some sort of shiny foam called Thermax.  I guess with that you don't have to finish with sheetrock right away like you do with the spray foam.  Apparently spray foam needs sheetrock before the house can be deemed livable because it is some sort of fire hazard?  Maybe the terrible burning chemical fumes?  Hopefully spray foam doesn't turn out to be the new asbestos.  That would be a real bummer.

The lake wall is mostly spray foamed.  Titus and I will be sheetrocking this ourselves to save a penny.

Next up, sheetrock.  Then the plumbers finish up the furnace and ducts so we can heat the house warm enough that the taping and mudding doesn't crack! 

No More Playing Catch in the House

Well things have been moving pretty slowly with The Money Pit, however, not quit as slowly as the blog...  However, the amazingly beautiful windows have been installed.

To prep, the guys had to put the blue paper stuff around the windows along with some special clear tape.

It has to be around 20 degrees above zero or warmer to even get the windows delivered since they become more brittle, or something, when it's cold.  Remind me to not lean up against our brittle windows in the winter.

These are the windows in the great room on either side of the fireplace.  All the great room windows are simulated divided light, meaning the grids are outside the glass.

I was worried this side of the house would look super lame since it only has two tiny windows, but I think it will be acceptable.

You may also note that we went with a lovely ebony window color as opposed to the everyday white.

The poor guys probably froze to death getting these windows in.  Heroic efforts to get us homeless off the streets.

The living room windows don't look as crazy huge now that the huge opening was split up into three windows.  As you can see it is two double hungs around  big picture window.

I forgot how much less attractive the double hungs look due to their screen.  Stupid mosquitos.

The kitchen windows are my favorite for some reason.  As a member of the great room, these windows are also simulated divided light.  The inside of the simulated divided light windows are unfinished pine, but will be stained or painted.  The rest of the windows in the house are factory painted white on the inside with grids between the glass.

A view of the amazing great room

Above you can see the master shower window, which is a white all ultex window... aka made of not wood so it doesn't rot away in the wetness.  The window on the right is one of the three square windows above the master bed.

Look at that pretty packaged french door.

The boys installing the kitchen windows...  The master windows are on the far right.  They are the same size and layout as the great room windows.

The guys have had a hard time installing the french doors.  Apparently they are super touchy and need a lot of adjustment all the time.  Something to look forward to for the next 70 years.  

You may note the heater below the french doors which I refer to as "the torch" which has been put hard to work attempting to heat an uninsulated house to 40 degrees with outside temps at -20 degrees.  Why do they need to heat it so warm?  To do the electrical and plumbing.  Yep we got ourselves some electrical and plumbing!

All we need now is a front door and some garage doors.  Don't hold your breath on garage doors though since, you know,  the garage is entirely full of snow and has no floor.