Monday, March 10, 2014

Chalk Walls

A couple days after we got our lame white spray foam insulation, the drywallers were able to come finish the entire upper level in one day.  That means the next time I walked into our house it looked like this...

The kitchen is above on the left followed by the screen porch doors and then then great room windows on the right (with bottoms covered by leaning drywall).

Dad's up there in the great room.  The fireplace will go between those two windows.

I love our three windows for above the sink.  

The stairs are right off the kitchen.  We debated between having a full wall and a door closing it off to the upstairs but decided on putting in a railing instead.  A small closet is to the right of the stairs, and the master to the right of that.

The plywood stuff is the for the front door that we haven't yet ordered.  The mudroom is to the right of that.  

Across from the mudroom are a couple closets.  Titus wired the house for ethernet and speakers which are all centered to the closet on the left.  Not sure what his final plans are there.

The second bedroom is impossible to photograph due to size.  Here's the tiny view from the hallway...

And the normal sized closet which will probably get some bifold doors.

Turning around you can see back down the hallway toward the stairs to the basement.

I have one tiny view of the second bathroom tub.  Mostly to show how they didn't drywall above the tub since tile is going up there.

Moving on to the master, you can see how the windows match those in the great room with two double hungs surrounding a picture window.  The square windows you see on the left are part of the three windows above the master bed.

Across from the lake windows is the door to the bathroom.  You can see the undrywalled shower wall through the door.

Through the bathroom is the closet which I took no pictures of because it is a drywall cube.  However from the closet you can see the below views.

On the right is where the vanity and thrown will go.  On the left you can see another view of the shower.  If you are observant you can see that our shower will have two shower heads.

The drywall has been finished for about a week and a half and taping and mudding has yet to start... Due to the cold the plumbers ended up hooking up our furnace to heat the house for taping.  We wanted to avoid this to prevent the brand new perfectly clean ducts from getting filled with dust, but our plumber and contractor thought this was superior over using an electric heater.  Hopefully they get started soon!

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