Monday, April 7, 2014

Optimus Preparation

Some of you may be wondering where your updates have been... Well, approximately 3.5 weeks ago our taper started mudding and taping the sheetrock.  It took him literally 3 weeks to finish.  I have heard many a comment about the length of time he took.  Most to the tune of "but a good taper is better than a fast taper".  Well update on that crap:  a slow bad taper is worse than them all.  That is what we got... a slow bad taper.  

Luckily for us, Titus also knows how to tape, so he went around to all the bad spots he found and added mud as he saw fit, and did extra sanding where that was needed.  A task you would hope to avoid when paying for a pro.

But the dang thing is done, and now we get to use his contractor pricing on paint, so that is pretty much the best benefit we have received from our taping cost.

He also textured our ceiling with the knockdown texture.

Although he forgot to sand it off the walls in many places.

Now that the taping/mudding is done, the house is all ours.  Everything that is left to do is up to us to get done.  Some of the remaining todos will be rehired out to our contractor, like installing the front door.  Our garage floor still needs to be poured, however that is covered by the price we payed the mason last fall when our foundation was initially poured.

Anyway, our next step after taping is to prime this whole beast.  So on Friday night Titus and I tackled all the priming prep which consisted of Titus washing all the walls with a damp sponge to get rid of as much sanded mud dust as possible, and me taping everything up that we didn't want primer on.

The windows have been covered in plastic for months to avoid condensation so I only had to tape around the edges of the plastic.  All the outlet boxes and light switches had to be taped up as well.

The tub still had its blue film on it so I only had to tape around the edges there as well.  All in all I would say it took about 2.5 - 3 hours for all of this prep.  Much longer than I would have estimated.

We wanted to get all the prep taken care of Friday night since we were renting out a sprayer from Sherwin all day Saturday.

Next up is the priming!

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