Monday, April 21, 2014

Optimus Prime

After prepping for priming Friday night, we woke up bright and early Saturday to get to Sherwin Williams when they opened at 8am.  We picked up 15 gallons of their 200 primer and 5 gallons of their ceiling paint.

We also picked up this awesome airless paint sprayer.  It was $40 to rent this beast for one day.  Best $40 I've ever spent.

Our plan was to spray on one layer of primer on every single sheetrocked square inch of the money pit, then spray every ceiling with ceiling paint.  I figured we could either spray the ceilings and roll on the walls, or spray the walls and roll on the ceiling.  I don't think anyone would ever choose to roll on ceilings if they had the sprayer option.  So we opted for ceiling spraying and normal roller/brush wall painting.

When we got back to the money pit, we got ready in our $10 paint suits, safety goggles and respirators.

And look you can see our little temporary utility sink hooked up randomly where our future family room will be.  It was so nice to finally have running water at the house!  However, due to the very unfriendly winter we actually have to run a pencil width stream of water at all times to avoid our pipes freezing.  I guess the frost line goes down to like 14 feet or something which is a huge issue.

I digress...

Turns out we were short 5 gallons of primer and 5 gallons of ceiling paint and ended up taking two extra trips to Sherwin for each of those.  We ended up putting 2 coats of ceiling paint everywhere and three coats in the great room.  If you do the math that totals up 30 gallons of paint in one day.  A fete I never thought I would have to accomplish.

I was so happy to see our house so bright and white after the priming and ceiling painting was done!

I would show you some in process pictures only we have none.  The amount of overspray/paint pollution was ridiculous and not camera friendly.

Our process worked pretty well.  I sprayed the primer on the walls, then on the ceiling.  Titus followed behind me backrolling.  We had actually not planned on backrolling, however the finish from the sprayer wasn't great.  There were little fuzzies everywhere even though Titus had wiped down all the walls.  The backrolling helped get a smoother finish.

The backrolling actually didn't take very long at all.  Titus was usually pretty close behind me.  He didn't backroll the ceiling paint however (he did backroll the primer on the ceiling).

I wish I had a picture of the setup Titus created to do the tall walls in the stairway.  He put a stair ladder on the stairs.  Then, he put a board parallel to the railing with one end on the ladder and the other at the top of the stairs.  Then, he had put scaffolding walkway thingies perpendicular to the raining with one end on the board and the other under the railing.  I stood on the scaffolding walkway thingies to prime and paint that area.  Good luck following that description...

Priming the whole house took almost exactly two hours total.  Painting the ceiling took about 45 minutes for each whole house coat of paint.

Painting the ceiling was blinding.  I wasn't able to wear the goggles because a ton of the paint being sprayed onto the ceiling bounces off right back into your eyes.  Therefore the goggles would be covered in paint and I could see nothing.

By the end of the day I had perfected a ceiling painting process that minimized the eyeball painting.  I would walk backward with the sprayer at about a 30 degree angle in front of me.

Then I would walk the perimeter of the room in 90 degree increments.  In other words.  I would walk backward down the East side of the room then I would turn 90 degrees and walk down the South side of the room, then turn 90 degrees and walk down the West side of the room, then turn 90 and walk down the North side and continue on like that in a big square.

This path was the only best method I found to avoid eye ball painting.  By the time I had done an entire circle the overspray where I had started had settled.  

Other than eye ball painting, the whole process went oddly well.  The paint sprayer was amazing and easy to clean.  The paint and primer went on well, and we finished 30 gallons of paint in only a few hours!  Next up real paint!

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