Monday, April 28, 2014

Pretty Trees

 I feel like there are a few milestones in the house building process that hugely impact the feeling of progress.  The first of these was when the roof went up and the house became actual house shaped.  The next was when the sheetrock went up and we got our first real feel for how the layout felt.  And the most recent is painting.  Painting is the first actual step toward making the house look like a home instead of just function as a house.

The actual process to get from plain sheetrock to paint was a bit of  beast.  First we prepped for priming.  Then, we primed everything and painted the ceiling.  After that, I thought we could just roll on some paint like normal.  Wrong.  The walls were still super rough after priming, so we opted to sand every wall surface with a tiny grit sand paper.  Titus then wiped off the walls wit a damp sponge like a champion.

FINALLY we were able to paint real paint!

The entire great room/hallways/entryway/stairs whole open area was painted Sherwin Williams Snowbound (SW 7004).  We used Sherwin Williams Super paint for all our walls which we got at their 40% off sale.  We figure we saved a few hundred dollars and got an awesome paint.  Super paint is their paint plus primer, so I only painted one coat, and finished up with a few touch ups.

We didn't paint behind here the cabinets would go, but we did paint behind the refrigerator.

My wonderful mother helped me paint the entire great room and the guest bedroom.  I cut in and painted the top half of the room and she painted the bottom half.  It would have taken be twice as long without her and would have been half as fun.  Love her.

Our contractor had left his scaffolding which was perfect for painting the peak of the vault.

The guest bedroom was painted snowbound as well simply because I couldn't find a color I liked more...

The closet was also painted snowbound.  Oh and look at that mystery flooring acclimating!

The tiny guest bath is even harder to photograph than the little guest bedroom... here are my attempts:

The left is the toilet and vanity wall.  The picture on the right is the little shelving area and the shower/tub wall.

We used the color On The Rocks (SW 7671) in here.  It is a sort of greige color that I love.  We picked it by narrowing down a few nice gray/beige colors and comparing them to a tile we liked.  On the Rocks matched one of the tiles we like best so we went with it!

I wanted to paint the mudroom an actual color since the whole great room was whitish and the guest bath was gray/beige.  I settled on Sea Salt (SW 6204) which I'm not sure if I love.  It looks pretty light in these pictures, but at night when only the ceiling light is on it looks super greeny gross and I hate it...  So who knows how long it will stay.

In the back of the room you can see a closet across from the door that goes to the garage.  On the right of the closet you can see where we will stack the washer and dryer.

The door to the entry will be a pocket door.

Now to my very favorite painted room.  The master bedroom.  We actually used Behr Poppy Seed (and not a Sherwin Color) because I loved it so ridiculously much.

It is the most beautifully dark navy.  A charcoal like navy.  A heaven like navy.

Brings tears to my eyes.  It will be like sleeping in a cozy cave.

And you even get a little sneak peak of the cement boarded shower up thur...

Next up, the electrician comes to install all the outlets, switches, and recessed lights and the plumbers install the bathroom fans.

Next task for us is to tile the master bathroom floor!

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