Monday, June 16, 2014

Exterior Update

I haven't given you guys an exterior update in a long time.  Last I left you guys knew about our giant front yard sand pile... Which is still there.

We had our beautiful Marvin Integrity windows in Ebony.

Our garage floor hadn't been poured...

But now it is!

As is our front step!

We lived for a long time with a temporary front door and some sheeting.

Until we FINALLY picked out a front door and garage doors.

Our garage doors are Aspen ridge in Oak with Colonial windows from North Central Door.  The oak grain is not very visible which makes me a bit sad, but they are just garage doors so whatevs.  Titus got a couple garage door openers online which are hilariously quite.

As for the front door, it was a bunch of back and forth.  First, we wanted the fiberglass Craftsman.  But then, we heard that fiberglass is bad in Minnesota because of the fluctuating temperatures.  Then, we were told it should be ok because we have an overhang over our door so it won't get much direct sunlight.  Then, we thought about getting a steel full light front door with metal blinds between the glass.  Then, we heard that said blinds were huge conductors of any temperature it was outside.  Finally, we went full circle back to the fiberglass craftsman door and it is as beautiful as I thought it would be.  It sill needs to be stained and some trim work between the door and full light sidelights and transom but it is still lovely.

We also bought some siding.  We had planned on going with LP Smartside in just the primed lap, however, Titus found a prefinished color at Menards almost identical to the color I wanted to paint the siding.  AND Menards was having  huge sale on their siding, so getting the prefinished siding was LESS than our estimate for the primed siding from our contractor.  Yay for not having to paint a whole house!

Titus and his dad started the siding last weekend.  We got the 12" lap which makes it go a bit faster since it has more coverage and it makes the tall boring south end of our house look less tall and boring.  And the boys didn't die on the sandy hill on their hug ladders!  Win Win!

We also got the prefinished LP 4" trim in Snow White for around the windows and below the gable end.  The gable ends will get LP's shake siding in the same Biscayne Blue color as the lap siding.

Source list:

Siding:  LP Smartside 12" lap  --  Pre-finished by PPG in Biscayne Blue
Trim:  LP Smartside 4" trim  --  Pre-finished by PPG in Snow White
Garage Doors:  North Central Door  --  Aspen ridge in Oak with Colonial windows
Front door entry set;  Schlage Century handle and deadbolt

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