Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fish eyes and lists

Hey guys.  I'm so almost ready to give you a giant update on our house!  It just won't be today, because my pictures only exist on my camera.  Things have been super crazy at the money pit as we try to get the house in a condition suitable for living (aka a working bathroom and bedroom).

You will have to settle for some outdated pictures I took with the fisheye lens I bought for my iPhone to get some wider pictures of the rooms.  Along with the pics is a GIANT list of all the tasks we have to finish in the upstairs/exterior before we can think about calling it done!

The items crossed off on the list are things we have completed, many of which you have seen no finished pictures of.  Soon people, soon....

Whole house:
Paint the walls
Install doors
Paint the doors
Add doorknobs
Install flooring
Paint and intall baseboards and trim
Finish electrical
Add outlet and switch plates

Install entry door and windows
Hang light
Add closet organizers
Wire up entertainment stuff

Mud room:
Tile the floor
Install washer and dryer
Install sink and cabinet
Install track lighting
Buy and install garage door knob
Paint garage door

Assemble cabinets boxes
Install appliances
Order and install countertops
Tile backsplash
Paint windows
Install recessed lights
Install above the sink sconces
Buy and install a faucet
Buy and install a sink
Order and install cabinet hardware
Install under cabinet lighting

Dining area:
Paint french doors
Build and hang chandelier
Hang curtains

Living room:
Install fireplace
Sheetrock around fireplace
Install built in cabinets
Add a TV to the left of the fireplace
Paint windows
Buy some furniture
Hang curtains
Buy and install ceiling lights

Guest bedroom:
Hang closet organizer
Buy and hang a ceiling light

Guest bathroom:
Tile floor
Tile shower
Install toilet
Add built-in to closety area
Build and install vanity
Buy sink fixture
Buy and hang a mirror
Buy and install sconce above mirror
Install shower plumbing

Master bedroom:
Buy and install ceiling light
Buy and hang curtains
Buy or build a headboard

Master bathroom:
Tile floor
Tile shower walls
Install shower plumbing
Install vanity
Purchase and install faucet
Install mirror sconces
Install mirror
Install toilet
Add closet organizer

Master closet:
Install organizer
Buy and install ceiling light

Pick out and buy siding
Side the house
Finish excavation and remove giant dirt pile
Build Shutters
Build Planters
Plant Grass

Pour floor
Buy and install garage doors
Insulate the rest of the walls
Sheetrock fire wall or the whole garage
Install service door

Screen porch/deck:
Build the deck floor
Install railings
Tile screen porch
Build screen porch posts
Install screens

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