Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Great Thou Art

The last time you saw the great room it didn't even have a floor.  Now it has so many new things!

When we moved out of the Brewery, we sold all our furniture except our table (although we tried) and our bed (which got moldy and died anyway).  So we got to buy brand new furniture for the first time ever!  We ended up buying two new chairs from Restoration Hardware.  These were literally the first quality piece of furniture we have ever owned.  I was tired of buying cheap furniture and having it only last a year before it started dying.  

We also got the Karlstad couch from Ikea, which we rarely sit in because of how awesome our chairs are.  Look at that ridiculously large plant.  When we moved into my parents house last July, my mom started watering it (crazy) and it grew to twice its size.  I ended up repotting it into a woven Ikea plant basket.

The black square in the middle of the back wall is a fireplace with no surround.  Hopefully that comes soon...

We recently brought in Titus' dresser from our old bedroom, which was no longer needed for clothes with our new amazing closet.  This side of the room needed more weight since it only had one chair, and this seems to have done the job.  It currently holds the only decor I have ever unpacked.

The rug is from World Market.  It is soft and colorful and awesome.  The AMAZING painting resting on the back of the couch was done by me.  I'm such an artist.  Oh and yes, we are using TV trays as side tables.

I still need to paint the french doors in the dining area.  Unfortunately, I never feel like it.

We started to add built in cabinets on either side of the fireplace.  They are Ikea Abstrakt cabinets like our kitchen island.  The cabinet with the TV above it has a piece of butcher block randomly sitting on it.  We will be adding butcher block to the other, as well (instead of an exercise step).

Hopefully the next steps in here are building the fireplace surround and finishing the built ins!  Someday trim and baseboards...

Recliner:  Restoration Hardware Churchill in Vintage Cigar
Other Chair:  Restoration Hardware Sandringham in Vintage Cigar
Storage ottoman:  Target
Pillows:  One Kings Lane and Gift from Titus
Build in Cabinets:  Ikea Abstrakt White
Rug:  World Market
Ceiling Lights:  West Elm spray painted gold

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