Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Be Our Guest

I remember that one time back in April when I was all "I'll never tile tiny tiles ever again... next time I'll use the biggest tile I can fine... blah blah blah."  Then I forgot the pain.

It all started on a warm day in June.  Titus was kind enough to cement board the guest bathroom floor just like he did the first time.

And what a beautiful job he did.

Then one day after work I was all, "I'll just quickly tile the floor tonight with tiny matte black penny tile.  NBD."

And I tiled it like a champion.

About 1.5 ours after starting, that beast was tiled to perfection.  Don't let the lines between the tile sheets deceive you.  I obsessively made sure they were all equally spaced, the underfabric overlapping just deceives your eyes pregrout.

Then, we did some picture free charcoal grouting.  The murderous part of this process was actually cleaning the haze at the end.  I wouldn't know much about how terrible it was because I was too weak to remove it and Titus had to take over.  He slaved over it for a whole night and now those tiles are shining happily at me.

There was a time back in the winter when Titus had planned to build a vanity for this bathroom, but that dream ended when the drywallers were finished before Titus had even started.  I found this super basic vanity on Ebay for like $200 or something.  I painted it a pretty olive green color to cheer up the gray and black space.  The vanity is from Menards as is the faucet.

We like to always keep a garage sized garbage can on hand.  You never know what might happen in there...

After much searching, I discovered the beautiful walnut veneer Stockholm mirror at Ikea.  I'm still a little sad about how ridiculously high our electrician put our bathroom light box.  Always be specific when you do your electrical walk through because apparently they don't actually know a normal height to put a light fixture at (hint it isn't 8').

Yay for working toilets and faucets!  Who needs that shower and tub anyway?