Friday, May 15, 2015

Giant List Update

You guys, it has been a long time since I updated you on many of the rooms in our house!  Since I got pregnant we have become super motivated to get this thing closer to "done".  Here is an update of our giant list for a few of the rooms in the house... 

I also updated the House Tour page to actually show tours for all of our houses instead of just The Brewery!  Yay!

Whole house:
Paint the walls
Install doors
Paint the doors
Add doorknobs
Install flooring
Paint and intall baseboards
Paint and install window and door casings
Patch and paint baseboards and casings
Finish electrical
Add outlet and switch plates

Master bedroom:
Buy and install ceiling light
Buy and hang blinds
Buy or build a headboard
Build a bed frame or at least cover up that box spring with something

Master closet:
Install organizer
Buy and install ceiling light

Living room:
Install fireplace
Build fireplace surround
Install built in cabinets
Add a TV to the left of the fireplace
Paint windows
Buy some furniture
Hang curtains - not happening
Buy and install ceiling lights

Guest bathroom:
Tile floor
Tile shower
Install toilet
Add built-in to closety area
Paint and install vanity
Buy sink fixture
Buy and hang a mirror
Buy and install sconce above mirror
Install shower plumbing

Mud room:
Tile the floor
Install washer and dryer
Install sink and cabinet
Install track lighting
Buy and install garage door knob
Paint garage door
Install closet organizer
Buy a bench for under the window
Finish the door casing and baseboard on the far wall

Ignore the giant mirror which is going to my sister someday.

Install entry door and windows
Paint front door and windows
Build and hang light
Add closet organizers
Wire up entertainment stuff

Install upper railing
Paint upper railing
Install railing going down left side of stairs
Finish wall at bottom of stairs
Install actual stairs or carpet or something less particle boardy
Install flooring edge pieces

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