About us

Hello all, I am Ashley Brue.  I went to college at Augsburg College where I played fastpitch softball and majored in Physics and Math.  I now work for an insurance company as a computer programmer (I try to cover all the nerdy fields).  Computer programmer by day, DIY home improver by night, with an occasional cake baking on the side.  Three years ago I bought a Twin Cities suburban house which is a standard builder house built in 2002.

My new husband Titus moved in after our wedding.  Titus is also a computer programmer.  We actually met at work on our all computer programmer softball team, which is exactly as good at softball as you would imagine a bunch of programmers to be.  I have been dragging Titus on my self imposed house brewing journey since then. Most of the time he loves our DIY adventures, especially given his general handiness. Titus specializes in saws, drywall and mudding, and patience... lots of patience.

The third member of our family is commonly regarded as the cutest dog that has ever existed. He is three years old and believed to be a black lab and springer spaniel mix (he was adopted from a shelter so they weren't sure). His name is Jacque Jones, Jr. named after the amazing Jacque Jones of Minnesota Twins fame.

Together as a brand new family, we are banding against our boring builder house and brewing up our own style.  Follow us on our journey!

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